Industrial & Hospitality Gases

The Hiflo Group has four Rockgas LPG Franchises which operate throughout the South Island. We have been involved in the LPG Business for 18 years and have developed Systems and Operations specific to the needs of the Regions it supplies. Rockgas LPG is the main product of the four Divisions which include Oamaru, Mackenzie, Mid Canterbury and North Canterbury. LPG is used in many Households as a source of Heating, Cooking and Water Heating. It has Commercial applications including Heating, Water Heating, Drying, Frost Fighting, Cooking and much more. For further information on LPG Supply for your Home or Business in our Franchise Areas do not hesitate to contact the Hiflo Group by clicking the following link: LPG


Industrial Gases

Due to our extensive LPG Networks throughout the Regions we operate in, we made a decision back in 2006 to expand and develop a series of Industrial Gas Businesses where we not only sell the large range of products but we also deliver. We felt this was a unique Service as many of our LPG Clients also had Businesses that required a range of other Gases. Outlets were established in Wanaka, Oamaru, Mackenzie Country, Mid Canterbury and North Canterbury. Our range of Industrial and Hospitality Gases is extensive and now is a very large part of our offering. Click here to view our range: Industrial & Hospitality Gases 

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With the need for efficient and affordable clean Energy, Bottled Rockgas LPG has become a popular choice in Houses across the Country.

From Cooking to Heating to Hot Water – and whether you’re Building, or simply upgrading your Home Appliances, Rockgas LPG is a flexible and cost effective choice for your Energy needs at Home.

Not just for the Home LPG Energy can be used in many Commercial applications and is ideal and economical for Cooking and Cooling Equipment, Space Heaters, Boilers and more. Besides being flexible, reliable and affordable, LPG can offer considerable economic and environmental benefits over the use of Oil, Solid Fuel or Electricity.

In general LPG generates heat which is instantly available and readily controlled.  Thanks to its reduced Carbon Emissions, LPG is Environmentally cleaner which means that Appliances therefore require less maintenance than with any other Fuel.

Industrial Gas

CGS is a genuine alternative for Industrial Gas Supply. Extensive Marketing has shown that Gas users welcome and encourage competition in what has been a monopoly market for Industrial, Speciality, Medical, Cryogenic Liquids and Gases, over many years.


CGS offers competitive pricing as we produce locally; we offer Clients affordable rates and delivery options via our Rockgas Delivery Fleet.  All of our speciality Gases are tested by an independent Laboratory to ensure quality and quantity.  We provide access to expert advice in all areas of Gas use, Design and Handling.

Food Chemistry

Nitrogen is an efficient cost-effective way to displace Oxygen and moisture. Universities and Industry know Nitrogen is ideally suited for the handling and packaging of food and food related products.

Laboratories and Health Agencies

Gases for Medical usage and inerting purposes are all available. Healthcare specialty ingredients and services that contribute to assured supply and care.


Wine Makers & Hospitality Industry

Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, Argons and all the various mixes are all available for all the varied Wine, Beer and Hospitality Industry needs from Production Wineries and Breweries through to Bars and Restaurants.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Having a lean and efficient Shop has become vital for the success of any Engineering or Laser Cutting Firm. Oxygens, Acetylenes, Argons, Southern Shield Mixes, CO2, Nitrogen and LPG all available from our Depot