Rinnai Evolve 1252

This premium landscape fire offers everything from the latest design to high efficiency ratings and heat output.

Designed to transform any home the Evolve 1252 can be personalised to fit your heating and style needs, keeping you both warm and stylish this winter.

The Evolve 1252 is approved by the Asthma Foundation's Sensitive Choice programme and comes with features that may reduce the likelihood of an allergic reaction for customers with asthma or allergies.

The ENERGY STAR® mark identifies New Zealand's most efficient products and appliances.

Product Specifications

Input 10-34 MJ/h
Output 2.4-8.4 kW*
Efficiency 86%
Energy Star Rating up to 5.7 stars
Data plate Located inside the appliance, upper right hand side.
Convection fan 3-speed fan. Heat is distributed from the top of the appliance.
Gas connection ¼ " BSP, the gas supply terminates inside the heater—lower left hand side of the appliance.
Ignition Continuous spark electronic ignition
Noise level 37-45 dB(A)
Power flue Inner 50 mm, outer 70-80 mm. Appliance must be installed with a Rinnai flue system.
Power consumption and electrical supply High 90 W, standby < 8 W.
Safety devices Flame failure sensing system, pressure relief, overheat safety switch, air temperature sensor, thermal fuse, overcurrent fuse,
and spark detector.
Temperature control Thermostatic, temperature control range 16-26 °C.
Weight 75 kg
Compliance Supplier declaration of compliance: Declaration number - 1690620157
Market release July 2015

Product Info

Product Category: Gas Fires , Indoor Fireplaces
Model: Evolve 1252

Suitable for
Living rooms and open plan areas. The versatile power flue system makes for easy installation in almost any living space, including bedrooms.

Heating areas (up to)
- Upper North Island 125 m²
- Central and lower North Island 111 m²
- South Island 82 m²

Gas type
Available for Natural Gas or LPG, specify gas type at time of purchase. 

General clearances around the Evolve when operating
The appliance must not be installed where curtains or other combustible material (coffee tables, couches etc.) could come into contact with it. In some cases curtains may need restraining.